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For the engaged traveler that desires deep-rooted experiences, Global Soul Adventures is the sustainable travel curator delivering global-minded tours, turning your world into a purposeful playground.

Core Values

Be Global-Minded
Seek Adventure
Invite the Experience
Actively Inspire

Our Mission

To bring the global community together through experience and awareness, while simultaneously maximizing your vacation time with a profoundly meaningful experience.

Kate LaCroix
Founder & Chief Adventurer
Ranger LaCroix
Stick Sire & Adventure Scout

Our Story

Global Soul Adventures was founded in January 2006 off of the premise that we could create and facilitate world trips that will feed your soul, leave you inspired, and connect you with your global community… within the limited time-frame many people have to travel. And so we did!

Our Founder, Kate LaCroix, has been traveling internationally for more than 22 years. She spent 4 years backpacking around-the-world and partaking in every eco-adventure imaginable – from mountain biking in Bolivia, to sand-boarding in Africa, to bamboo rafting in Thailand, to circuit trekking in Patagonia. She lived in Brazil on and off over some years and even picked up Portuguese as a second language.  She has been a guide and trip leader in various capacities, is a Wilderness First Responder, and has a laundry list of certifications and work experiences that have culminated in the ultimate peak – Global Soul Adventures.   She found the most joy in her travels being involved with the local community members, learning the various cultures through hands-on experiences, and working with local groups such as Projeto Mundo Real in Brazil and Proyeto Montezuma in Costa Rica.  She is ready and wanting to share the world with you!

As of 2017, Global Soul Adventures has chosen to put a greater emphasis into working with like-minded travel partners, who can help us provide many more adventure opportunities and community experiences throughout the year – giving you more dates, places, and trip specialties to choose from.

Kate’s previously created trips and involvement with the respective local communities match the requirements she seeks from our tour partners: we want your guides paid fairly; the environment treaded as lightly as possible; your cultural experience to be as integrated as possible; your journey to be optimally organized and safe; and your overall experience to be positively life-changing!

Want to go somewhere or do something you don’t see? Let us know!

Dear Soul Adventurer,
Have you ever had an inspirational travel experience? Whether this may be your first or 101st journey you are seeking, we are here to help you find it.
As a sustainable travel curator, we work with engaged travelers to match them with global-minded adventures. As your Chief Adventurer, it is my job to provide you with a purposeful eco-adventure platform, and it is my goal to facilitate the ultimate travel experience of your life!
Wishing you Happy Travels,